Punch Scholar

The books devoted to this subject.

To begin with I will list the key texts on this subject. If you are interested in this subject my recommendation is that you read them all, with Speaight (1970) and Leach(1985) as essential. These are the texts that will give you the basic knowledge any student of the subject will require. They are generally available to buy secondhand.

Mr. Punch

John Philip Stead
Evans Brothers Ltd. 1950


Punch and Judy – a history

George Speaight
Studio Vista, London 1970

Punch and Judy - its origin and evolution

Michael Byrom
Da Silva Puppet Books, Norwich 1979
ISBN 0 9513600 0 0

The Punch and Judy Show – History, Tradition and Meaning

Robert Leach
Batsford Academic and Educational, London 1985
ISBN 0 7134-4784-2